BallInteer Educate Together National School
Parkvale, Balally,
D16 N6T0
(01) 296 3017
School Roll Number: 20400E


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School Holidays 2024-2025:

1st day of term: 29th August 2024

Halloween mid-term break: Monday 28th October 2024 to Friday 1st November 2024 inclusive

Winter holidays: Monday 23rd December 2024 to Friday 3rd January 2025 inclusive (school closes at 11:30am on Friday 20th December 2024)

February Public Holiday: Monday 3rd February 2025

February mid-term break: Monday 17th February 2025 to Friday 21st February 2025 inclusive

St Patrick’s Day: Monday 17th March 2025

Spring holidays: Monday 14th April 2025 to Friday 25th April 2025 inclusive (school closes at 11:30am on Friday 11th April 2025)

May public holiday: Monday 5th May 2025

June public holiday: Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd 2025

Last day of term: Friday 27th June 2025 (school closes at 11:30am)