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Principal’s Update – Friday, 17th November 2023

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you’re all well and looking forward to the weekend. I have a few updates for you from across our school over the past week.

Anti-bullying policy and its implementation

The Board of Management recently completed the checklist for the annual review of the anti-bullying policy and its implementation. You can view this document at this link. This annual task forms part of the Anti-bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools which set out the requirements on schools in relation to preventing and dealing with bullying behaviour.

The board has decided to establish a working group of staff at the start of Term 2 (January 2024) to review the school’s current Anti-bullying Policy. A group of school staff will examine the existing document to ensure it reflects the school’s values and current good practice, as well as ensure the procedures for preventing, investigating and dealing with bullying behaviour are sufficiently robust. Feedback will then be sought from pupils (via the Student Council) and parents (through focus groups) before a revised policy is presented to the board.

Cineáltas (Kindness) flag

You may have noticed a new flag flying at the front of our school this week. Provided by the Department of Education, this is a Cineáltas (Kindness) flag to acknowledge anti-bullying week (this week). Minster Norma Foley intends that Cineáltas flags “will serve as a visible national symbol of our shared commitment to be kind and to work together to prevent and address bullying.”

Monthly value: Fair (Justice) – Mike’s 5th class video

Mike’s 5th class took on the responsibility of sharing this learning at this week’s school assembly. The class made a film with four vignette’s to demonstrate of importance of treating one another with fairness. You can check out the video below:

Mike’s 5th class video (fair and justice)

Class tour this week – 5th class

This week, our two fifth class groups took a trip by Luas to the city centre for a tour of the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History (better known to Dubliners as the Dead Zoo!). Afterwards, the classes visited the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. It was a very successful day out and a number of the group discussed their visit at the school assembly on Friday morning.

That’s all the news from around our school today. I’d like to wish you all a pleasant weekend.

Paul O’Dwyer, Principal