BallInteer Educate Together National School
Parkvale, Balally,
D16 N6T0
(01) 296 3017
School Roll Number: 20400E

Parent Information

Admission Procedures

Please see our Enrolment page for full details on how to pre-enrol your child at Ballinteer ETNS. The school’s Admission Policy and Annual Admission Notice are also published on this page.


Pupils should arrive at school between 08:15 and 08:30. Lessons start promptly at 08:30. Junior and Senior Infants finish school at 12:55. Pupils in First to Sixth Class finish school at 13:55.

A school calendar outlining closures for the school year (September to June) is available on the school website.

Each class has two breaks per day: a 15-minute break and a 25-minute break.


Children do not wear uniforms at Ballinteer Educate Together N.S. Children are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing in which they can move easily. It is particularly important to wear comfortable footwear for PE and outdoor activities.

School Policies & Plans

School policies and plans cover organisational and curricular areas. Organisational policies will be provided for parents on enrolment of their child while policies and curricular plans are also available on request.

Parents Teacher Association

Parents Association meetings are held throughout the school year. All parents are welcome to attend and contribute ideas for school fundraising and events.

For more information, please see the page specific to the parents association.


Formal parent-teacher meetings take place annually in November for pupils from Senior Infants to Sixth Class. Parent-teacher meetings for Junior Infants take place in January each year.

If parents wish to discuss any concerns regarding their child, they are encouraged to speak with their child’s class teacher in the first instance, by appointment. Parents receive updates by email about upcoming activities, trips, etc. Parents will receive an end of year report in June each year.

School Lunches

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch to school each day as well as a bottle of water. Pupils eat a small snack in the morning and their lunch later in the day.

Ballinteer Educate Together N.S. is also signed up with The Lunch Bag. Using an app, parents/guardians can easily order sandwiches, wraps and other lunch items and they are delivered directly to your child’s classroom.


Booklists are issued by the secretary in Term 3 every year. The school purchases most items on your behalf and many of these costs are now covered by the Government’s Free Primary Schoolbooks Scheme. The other remaining costs can be paid via Aladdin Connect.

Aladdin Connect

Our school is delighted to announce that we have rolled out the Aladdin Schools Connect to parents/guardians of children in our school.

To log onto Aladdin, use this link: ACCESS ALADDIN