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Junior Room 2016 – 2017

Congratulations to our students who received their communion and confirmation. Well done Jayden, Abigail and Gemma!

Science, technology, engineering and maths

We sowed and watched our plants
​ grow

Success for Leila!
​Pizza Party

St. Patrick’s Day Art

Growing Plants

Engineers Week

We got a visit from two engineers who work in Jacobs Engineering. We built hover boards.

Catholic schools week – Grandparent’s day

Up the Dubs – Sam Maguire visit

Learning to measure

Big trip out: Muppets Christmas Carol

Christmas play

Shared Reading

Science, technology, maths and engineering – investigating 3D structures

Learning about Africa with Handa’s Surprise

Science Week!

We investigated how a pulley works

We investigated forces and pressure by inventing flying rockets
Air pressure as a method of lifting weight

Personal Safety

​We made prints in art inspired by the patterns we see in nature

Delighted to be back after the mid-term!

Happy Halloween
​We had a witch’s walk


We looked at the amount of sugar we need to eat each day and what foods we can find it in. We learned that we need between 16 and 20 grams of sugar per day. We weighed 16 grams of sugar, put it in a clear plastic bag and then compared it to the amount of sugar in some popular foods. It was shocking to see that some popular foods contain the recommended daily allowance of sugar in one serving!
​Please see the attached powerpoint below to find out more!

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Maths week 2016

We enjoyed maths games with our relatives

Junior room maths trail

We love sport

Autumn Art

Where does the water go?

We spent a week learning about weather. We looked at the different types of weather and the ways we can describe the sky. We questioned where the water that falls in our school grounds goes and made predictions about it. We then explored, investigated and recorded and communicated our findings.

Garda Meabh’s visit


Garda Meabh came to visit and tell us about the job the Gardaí do. We learned about the role the guard plays in our community and how they protect our safety. Thank you Garda Maeve.

Junior infants learn to make letters with play dough and pipe cleaners

St. Cillian’s says ‘NO’ to bullying

Step 1. Say ‘Stop’

Step 2. Tell an adult

Can you find Ianis in our new den?

We explored the composition of soil and planted bulbs to watch them grow

We use animal strategies to help us read and comprehend texts

Our interpretation of the art work of Piet Mondrian

Music and singing with the senior room

In drama we make silly faces and enjoy circle time

We studied the art work of Joan Miro

We were inspired by the use of line and the striking primary colours

We learned about 2D shapes

We made shape faces with circles, triangles, ovals, squares and rectangles

We made peacock feathers

We love to work as a team. We learn from each other.

Welcome back!

Everyone is delighted to be back for work and fun this September in the junior room. We give a huge welcome to our newest additions to the school in the junior infant class while we are lucky enough to welcome new pupils to senior infants and second class.

​In our first week, we learned about butterflies! If you ask us we can tell you all about them. What they look like, what they eat and how they come from cocoons and caterpillars. We made colourful butterflies in art and you can see them on our door.

Look at our new storage

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