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We are a modern school with a new building and modern learning tools.
  • Parkvale, Balally, Dublin 16
  • (01) 296 3017

Junior Infants – Off to a great start!

Junior Infants have settled in really well to the routines and daily life of school. They have been busy learning about rhyme and syllables in English, learning about 2-D shapes and also about sorting items by various properties (size, shape, colour etc.) in Maths, and in SESE they have been learning all about themselves and their body. We are starting Aistear next week and our theme is the Doctor’s Surgery. Keep an eye on the website in the coming weeks for photos of this structured play time in action!

See below some photos of the children working on the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’. They worked hard on their cutting skills to, firstly cut Humpty Dumpty up, and then to put him back together again with the help of some plasters.

See also some photos of the children’s sorting work during our Maths lessons. Lovely group work and discussion took place as the children talked about different ways objects could be sorted.