Author: Lisa Ryan

This month we have explored different types of 2D and 3D shapes! We created our own shape collages, used nets of 3D shapes to make out own and completed a 3D shapes hunt all around our school!                 
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We have been learning lots about Spain in 3rd class. We completed projects in groups on various regions in Spain and presented these to the class. We also finished up 7 weeks of Spanish with Diana. We learned lots and really enjoyed the lessons. We 
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Lisa and Maeve’s 3rd class students have been working very hard on the Stone Age. We have created our very own cave paintings, learned about the life of these people many years ago, completed projects and even made our own Stone Age tools! Maeve’s class 
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Tomorrow is Book Character Dress up Day to mark One Day Together 2023! Here are 2 of our Students Council Reps who created a lovely poster to remind us all about tomorrow’s big day!
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We have been doing some spooky, Halloween art in 3rd Class… Here are some of the things we have been working on in Lisa’s 3rd class- autumnal landscapes with lots of rustic colours, spooky silhouettes, Tim Burton- inspired portraits and pumpkins inspired by Yasoi Kusama!
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